Theatrical plays have a way of educating the audience of what is going to happen, what is currently happening, and what happened in the world. The stage gives a platform for theater actors and writers to educate the public, extend the culture that surrounds us, and teach people of what shaped the world to make it what it is today. It is through the theater that we can gain new knowledge on different things. If more and more people will go and watch a theatrical performance, they will be more in tune with the environment and our surroundings in general.

The Theater Company

The theater company has been in the business of producing and making plays for around ten years now. What started as a small group of people with the same passion for acting and directing has become a huge company with workings in different parts of the Netherlands. The theater company is now working closely with different popular directors and writers intending to make the best plays for our audience to enjoy and appreciate. It is through our plays that we can reach out to people and display our talents and skills as individuals and as a whole group.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is one of the most iconic figures of his time. From being a military general to being hailed as the first emperor of his generation, although technically he was not recognized as one, Julius Caesar’s effort of world domination has indeed both directly and indirectly affected who we are today.

He had a colorful history from the moment he set his eyes on leading Rome to conquer other parts of the globe. But he had to start inside the country. Since Rome was first led by the Roman Senate, he had to follow their commands. But because of the power he gained throughout his battles and the alliances he formed with Crassus and Pompey, he became a formidable foe of the leaders of Rome. Because he broke the law due to unsanctioned wars he started, he was commanded to go back to his native country. He then fought his wars inside Rome to become the true leader. But as great as he was a military tactician and general, he still succumbed to the treachery that he faced inside the country and by the people that he defended.

If only a simple and reliable Amazon left wrist brace could have saved Julius Caesar from the hands of his assassins, then the Roman Empire could have been better than what it became to be. At least, we have its successor, Gaius Octavius, who aptly adapted the name Augustus Caesar and became the first Roman emperor of his generation to lead the way for the empire. He led Rome to its pinnacle or the golden years, all thanks to what Julius Caesar started. He paved the way for Rome. He presented the way Rome must be ruled- by a worthy, intellectual, strategic, and adored leader and statesman.

Julius Caesar, the play

Because of the uniqueness of his story and the tragedy of his death, Shakespeare created an amazing play for his life. The play displayed the wars he fought, the bonds he created with the kings and queens of the countries that surrounded his own country, and the people who betrayed him in his last days. It is quite peculiar that a person of his caliber who achieved so much for his country would be deceived by the same people that should have fought beside him. But this is how politics was and still is today.
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