Do you like plays? Do you enjoy reading and watching history unfold right before your eyes? You can do both by watching Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, a play about his colorful life and tragic death. The play was written originally by William Shakespeare, a very famous writer, and poet in 1599. You can find snippets of real history mixed in the play as other icons and popular figures are involved in this play about Julius Caesar.

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We Are

We are a theater company in the Netherlands that performs different famous plays from the annals of history up until today. Our experience as a whole encompasses our rich history as a theater company and as individuals. And right now, we are proud to show you our current play entitled Julius Caesar. You will enjoy watching our show like the others that came before it. You should get reservations for a ticket before it runs out. Our play will be running for this quarter as part of our “Walking with History” series.

We Offer

We are offering the first customers who will buy tickets for the play voucher codes to save money on the play. We are also partnering with different shops online so that you can save money on electronics and other devices by just watching our theatrical play. Be sure to contact us so that we can send you the coupon codes on products.
Enjoy this great play and save money at the same time as Julius Caesar.