Julius Caesar is an iconic figure who started the whole Roman Empire. He ignited an army and captured both the minds and the hearts of the Roman people during his time. He was very skilled in the art of combat and was tactical in his way of fighting other nations. Although he was a dictator, he was loved by the people of Rome because of his political and social will.
Aside from being a military general, he was also a historian and a writer. He wrote Latin prose and various articles of his time.

Because he rose to become the leader of the government, and because of the Triumvirate that existed between him, Crassus, and Pompey, they were ultimately the heads of Roman politics. They gained great power, although this was heavily opposed by the Roman Senate and the Optimates. Some of the popular people who did not like the Popularies at that time were Cicero and Cato the Younger.

Some of the wars that Caesar headed and conquered were the Gallic wars, British and Gaul wars. But he was still not the overall head of Rome at that time. So, when he was commanded to return to Rome, he was forced to relinquish his hold at Gaul and to face charges on him for waging unsanctioned wars.

The play is about the life and death of Julius Caesar. It will show how he coped up with the wars at the time, the political concerns and issues especially the ones involving the Roman Senate. You will also witness the death of Julius Caesar. Although he was a celebrated figure at that time, he died a tragic death. He was assassinated right on the floor of Rome. The people involved were Tillius Cimber and Brutus.

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