The Great Conqueror: Julius Caesar Leadership Model

I love the name of honor, more than I fear death. – Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar’s ending was a tragic one. He made bad choices here and there, but no one can deny that he was a good leader. His indisputable skill in strategy led him to be named as “the great conqueror”. Caesar was no ordinary, he was born to be different. He stood out among the noble and arguably the greatest Roman ever lived.


He Knew The Difference Between Control and Leadership

Julius Caesar never treated his men as mere soldier meant to defend his ideals. He treated them like comrades. And by establishing this kind of relationship against the norm of other national leaders of his time, he built an army willing to die for his mission. His men would follow him till death and code promo sarenza. He used his influence to lead and not to control. Rome won numerous battles because he led them to victory.

RomeAsk for More and Reward Generously

As a leader, Julius Caesar asked a lot of support from his people. He asked his men to face battles that may cost them their lives, but after their retirement, they retired as wealthy, honorable men. In today’s time, many leaders would ask more than what’s not necessary from their people, but they reward so little. Some even withheld support for booking promo code 100% working, and other benefits just to end up with bigger revenue. Caesar knew that establishing a solid relationship was not enough. He made sure to it that people knew that he greatly rewards those who follow him.