The Military Campaigns of Julius Caesar

Julius CeasarThe name of Julius Caesar is always associated with military campaigns. He was recognized as a great military tactician who always knew how to respond in different situations and scenarios. Because of his dependable intuition in assessing the battleground and his environment, he had grown accustomed to making the right choices and won many wars in his career. It is just too bad that he found his demise not on the grounds of war but in the hands of his people. Some might say that it was to protect the empire. No man should be a dictator and should rule a whole country. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But even if he was stopped and killed, it did not prevent other people who wanted to claim the throne and be the emperor to rule them all.

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Table of Contents

War at Gaul

Julius Caesar wanted to run as consul around 59 BC. Even though corruption and bribery by his opponents, he still won. He made connections with Cassius and Pompey. The two leaders had been at it for quite some time. So, Caesar went in and tried to reconcile them. Thus, after the truce, they were recognized as the First Triumvirate or the rule of three men. The headship was made formal through the marriage of Caesar to Pompey’s daughter named Julia.

But Caesar was still in debt. So he had his eyes on Gaul. He combined two legions and defeated the tribes bordering the south. He found out the some of the Germanic tribes are preparing for an event. He treated this as a form of aggression. He conquered the tribes and the north was secured.

Civil war

Following a command by the Roman set to return to Rome, he went on to complete his headship as governor. But then he was accused of treason because of numerous unsanctioned wars. So he brought one legion across the border. This started a civil war.